TefsaUSA is a full services dewatering equipment specialist in both Industrial and Municipal, water - wastewater covering all North America. Regardless of the size of your project we have equipment that will do the job.. Our inventory access for spare parts for all Sidebar, Overhead, membrane and PFO units to replacement belt media for all types of belt filters and vacuum belts is endless.


For more than four decades TEFSA has been manufacturing the finest filtration equipment. We are proud to say that TefsaUSA is at your service, day or night throughout North America.

TEFSA the Global Leader of 
Filter Presses

Liquid - Solids Separation Experts for Equipment & Engineering.
Covering Process Applications from Municipal, Mining to Foodgrade.

We are not a made in China Product but rather a Top Quality German made Plates, Spanish Engineering and USA Service-Installation

We pride ourselves in our Service both before and after sale.

Typical Installations.


  • Filter Press
      Recessed Chamber
      Fast Filter (PFO)

  • Belt Press
    0.5 m to 3.0m belt width
      Carbon Steel epoxy coated
      Stainless steel 304

  • Vacuum Belt Press
  • Headworks for Clarifiers
  • Polymer Makedown Systems

Rapid Discharge Model PEH

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In-House or 
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TefsaUSA Filter Press 

Belt Filter Press

0.5 Meter Vacuum Belt Filter - 2016

Wastewater Treatment, Water Filtration Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Aggregate Plants and many other applications

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Specialist in The Aggregate Industry

  • Mining Industry
  • Sand & Gravel Industry
    Sand Washing Systems

  • Soil Remediation
  • Other Industries
  • Chemical
  • Food Industry
  • Wine Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Environmental Industry